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Structural Steel Cantilever Racks

Why You Should Choose FabMaster Cantilever Storage Racks:

1. Zero Liability History because our designs utilize a 2.4 Safety Factor (vs. the lower 1.91/1.65 standard RMI factors) and our products are made with the high quality strength of "hot-rolled structural steel".

2. Flexibility in creating a certified engineered design style that will work for your application. The following style options can be customized:
o Single or Double Sided
o Interchangeable Arm lengths
o Arms Lengths can range from 12" to 75"+
o Unlimited Capacity Ranges
o Welded or Adjustable Designs
o Channel or I-beam Arm Styles
o Welded or Bolted Base Styles
o Custom Widths From 3' to 10'+
o Arms Adjust on 3" or 4" Centers

3. Racks are designed according to earthquake seismic conditions if applicable.

4. We offer insured installation services to get your racks set up safely and correctly.

5. Our rack solutions/quotations are always prepared by an experienced engineer that is accessible for consultation to make sure you get what you need without sacrificing safety or dependability.

Feel free to contact us for more information.