division of NNM Peterson Manufacturing Company


Our focus is the production of metal fabrications, heavy equipment components, stampings and steel structures including structural steel storage racks. In short we stamp, form, weld, fabricate, assemble, roll, bend, cut, CNC machine, turn, face and finish metal. We work with mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We combine our welding and fabricating skills with press capability to 2,000 tons. We maintain a solid business in proprietary heavy duty material handling products marketed and sold directly to the end user or through dealers and distributors. We manufacture structural steel storage racks under the name of Fab-Master. Our material handling storage products include adjustable and fixed arm cantilever racks, pallet racks or selective racks, stanchions, bar and tube racks, stack racks, carpet roll racks, carpet trak-rak and pallets. We offer bolted and welded designs and completely bolt-free adjustable designs. Our fas-lok structural steel pallet rack is completely bolt-free and adjustable. We are one of the only rack manufacturers who will custom build your rack to fit your specifications. We have designed unique applications such as a fixed arm cantilever racks with 5' arms and an arm capacity of 3500 lbs. Our storage racks service a variety of markets including but not limited to; metal service centers, warehousing and distribution centers, lumber yards and retailers in carpets, vinyl, flooring, window coverings/blinds and home improvement centers.