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ROL-RAK Carpet Display Fixtures

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ROL-RAK®Displays & Sells
® is the efficient way to maximize a relatively small area for displaying your carpets in an attractive, compelling way - one designed to make it easier to shop, easier for you to sell.

Avoid Damage - Increase Profit
® prevents loss due to carpet damage, displaying the carpets off the floor to eliminate crushing and soiling.

Fits Store Layout
Depending on your store layout, display models you can choose from are wall type, free-standing wall type, island type, cabinet type, floor-to-ceiling type, or horizontal floor type ROL-RAK
® Systems. Please contact us for information on the many different capacities we offer to fit your individual needs.

Strong - Safe
® fixtures are built to last. They're heavy, structural, electrically-welded steel frames. The vertical members are punched 4" centers for adjustment. The 3½" diameter tubes provide rigid support for the heaviest rolls of carpet. The supporting saddles have roller bearings and friction type brakes.

Easy Set-up
® is designed for ease of installation and operation. The saddles have hook type suspension for quick and easy adjustment. No bolts or tools required. One person can display the individual rolls with finger-tip control.

There are lots more reasons why ROL-RAK® can be a permanent profit fixture for you. After using the system, you'll be giving us new reasons.

Rol-Rak® accessories are also available.

Feel free to contact us for more information at callpmc@peterson-mfg.com or by calling 815-436-9201.