FAS-LOK Heavy Duty Adjustable Storage Racks Safety Features
New government safety regulations make these features very important:

  • Constructed entirely of hot rolled structural steel shapes (the same as used in large buildings, bridges, etc.). Light gauge roll formed sections are not used. (Rack failures are usually caused by the continuous shock and impact from fork lift trucks. Many light gauge racks will fail when the shape of the section is changed slightly - kinking - due to being struck by a pallet or fork lift truck).FAS-LOK rack
  • Large heavy base plates made from steel plate, not sheet, to safely distribute floor load and prevent floor damage or failure.
  • Constructed of standard hot rolled structural shapes. They will never become obsolete, and emergency repair parts can always be obtained from any local steel warehouse. (Many roll formed racks become obsolete when the manufacturer changes his roll formed design specifications.
  • Vertically adjustable in 3" increments and utilize the boltless safety fitting. They can be easily installed or relocated without tools, because there are only two basic parts.
  • Painted by the hot airless electrostatic method, and a rust inhibiting enamel is used. All interior surfaces are painted and there are no unpainted sections as may occur in some enclosed box type rack components.
  • To prevent inadvertent overloading of a shelf, safety capacity labels are supplied for the front member of each shelf so that there will never be any doubt as to the safe capacity of the rack.FAS-LOK rack
  • Rack columns constructed of one piece of steel - full length. There are no splices to weaken the frame.

Will your storage racks have any of these features? FAS-LOK Heavy Duty Racks have all of them.