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Trak-Rak® Modular Roll Racks are not just for Carpet. Many other industries have utilized our Trak Rak system for their rolled goods application. We can easily customize our rack to fit many types of rolled goods. Call us for details!

TRAK-RAK Cost Efficient System
® is the only option for storing rolled goods if you are on a tight budget and need an efficient way to store and access your product. Our product has been in almost all of the major home centers across United States throughout the last 30 years.



TRAK-RAKRacks glide on precision ball bearing wheels with finger tip control. Rolls adjustable up or down 4" centers with electric lifter. New rolls are installed with an electric winder.

® is completely self-contained and free standing. No attachment to the walls or ceiling. Made to fit any ceiling height. Completely prefabricated for bolting together on the job.


Seven Exciting Reasons Why Trak-Rak® Will Roll-Up Your Carpet Sales

  1. Stores and displays more rolls in less space. The vertical storage system formalizes your carpet department; no need for back room or warehouse storage. Consolidating and organizing your inventory gives you the opportunity to cover more price points in the colors and patterns needed.Prevents damage to carpet due to frequent handling. Storing products off the floor eliminates crushing and soiling.Trak-Rak® is conducive to shopping. The mass inventory display is an impressive sales tool compared to selling from swatches. Self-help design turns shoppers into buyers because all of your stock is on the sales floor.
  2. The modular concept of the Trak-Rak® system allows us to custom build your display system to your exact requirements, and it also allows you to increase your inventory as your needs increase.
  3. Trak-Rak® is built to last and operate trouble free. Quality structural steel construction combines with precision ball-bearing wheels to provide years of performance, safety and reliability.
  4. Trak-Rak® design eases the burdensome nature of full carpet rolls. Engineered for the weights involved, roll goods are handled only once until sold. The built-in cutting floor facilitates sales and operations by one sales person.
  5. One turn of your carpet inventory in a 60 roll Trak-Rak® system will return more than your initial capital investment. With the Trak-Rak® system installed, you will develop additional reasons of your own why Trak-Rak® helps roll up carpet sales.

Trak-Rak® accessories are also available.


Feel free to contact us for more information at callpmc@peterson-mfg.com or by calling 815-436-9201.