NOTE: Rack must be anchored to the floor if the rack height is five times the vertical frame depth.

NOTE: Additional FAS-LOK fittings are required at the ends of the rack.

Standard Dimensions
A Clear width of shelf
B  Post width (vertical frame size)
C Beam length = A+B
D Clear height of shelf
E Beam size
F Shelf spacing = D+E
G 6" minimum with 804 fitting
   9" minimum with 807 fitting
H Height of top shelf
J 3" standard; 0" flush top*
K Height of vertical frame
L Depth of vertical frame
M Overall depth**
Vertical Frame Capacities
Beam Specifications

*No. 810 spring safety clips cannot be used with top beam on flush racks.

**L+ approximately 3" with 2" and 4" beams; L+  approximately 4" with 5" and 6" beams.