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In addition to our custom metal fabrication services, Peterson Manufacturing is proud to offer our line of Fab-Master racks and storage solutions. Fab-Master products are custom designed, so you can maximize the use of your floor space vs. going with a standard product.

Fab-Master racks are constructed entirely of hot rolled steel, the same as used in large building and bridge construction, and consist of one piece of steel, full length, and without welding or bolted splices that can weaken the frame. This means our racks can withstand uneven loads at heavy capacities and unexpected impacts versus light gauge roll-formed racks.

From storage to display applications, we have a range of options to accomplish any task. Take advantage of the on-site consultation and personal service included with every Fab-Master order so we can work with you to determine the best storage solution for your needs.

Cantilever Racks

Fab-Master cantilever racks are an ideal rack storage solution for lumber, piping, metal beams, and other bulky, oddly-shaped, or long items. Our custom cantilever racks are designed with a 2.4 safety rating and can be customized in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs. We also offer insured installation services to get your racks set up safely and correctly.

Customization capabilities include single or double-sided, interchangeable arm lengths ranging from 12″ to 75″, unlimited capacity ranges, welded vs adjustable designs, channel vs I-beam arm styles, welded vs bolted base styles, custom widths ranging from 3′ to 10+’, arms adjust on 3″ or 4″ centers, and more.

Wide Flange Bolted Racks

Fab-Master wide flange bolted racks provide a storage solution with unmatched strength and storage load capacity. Constructed with the same wide flange beams used in the construction and structural industry, the width of the beam allows for superior weight distribution that results in the capacity to hold over 100,000 lbs. Because of their ability to shoulder the heaviest of storage requirements, wide flange bolted racks are ideal for material storage for any industry.

Carpet ROL-RAK

Fab-Master’s ROL-RAK is the efficient way to store carpet and other rolled goods in an attractive and compelling way while maximizing a relatively small area. Models are available in wall type, free-standing wall type, island type, cabinet type, floor-to-ceiling type, or horizontal floor type depending on the space you have available.

ROL-RAKs are heavy, structural, electrically welded, and designed to display off the floor to avoid crushing or soiling the product. Each model has hook-type suspension for quick and easy adjustments as you need, requiring no bolts or tools to use.

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Carpet Track-Rak

Fab-Master Track-Raks are completely self-contained and free-standing storage solutions for carpets and any other rolled goods. Useful for display purposes, Track-Raks glide on precision ball-bearing wheels, with fingertip control, with no attachment to the walls or ceiling necessary. Racks are completely prefabricated for easy bolting together on the fly and can be made to fit any ceiling height.

Track-Raks mass inventory displays are an impressive sales tool in addition to providing efficient storage. Self-help design turns shoppers into buyers because all of your stock can be conveniently displayed on the sales floor. Storing products off the floor in this fashion also eliminates opportunities for crushing and soiling, ensuring the safety of your product.

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FAS-LOK Boltless Adjustable

Fab-Master FAS-LOK is an economical storage rack adaptable to many different kinds of material storage. Though it is quickly and easily assembled, they provide rock-solid support once in place with tapered slots that lock the beams securely in place. FAS-LOK racks provide easy access, front or rear, simplifying your storage and inventory problems by providing a variety of application options.

Racks come in varying depths and heights and each can be easily installed by your own maintenance team without the use of specialized tools to install or adjust. Because of the flexibility in use, FAS-LOK racks are an ideal solution for storing any material. The many sizes and capacities of components available permit custom racks from standard components.

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