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With a 60,000 sq. ft. facility fully equipped with press capabilities up to 1,500 tons, NNM Manufacturing offers a wide range of metal fabrication services including CNC Machining, Complex Press Forming, Mechanical Assembly, Welding, Roll Bending, Engineering, and more for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products and parts.

Whether you need to fill a large order or just a single prototype, NNM Manufacturing’s flexible and accommodating approach to metal fabrication can supply you with what you need, when you need it. Learn more about each of our unique metal fabrication services below.

CNC Machining

NNM Manufacturing offers CNC machining services, with both CNC turning machine and CNC milling capabilities. With our CNC turning and CNC milling services, equipped with radial drills and engine lathes, we are capable of producing rounded, rectangular, or other desired profiled parts and products at custom diameters with the ability to round, cut, groove, drill, thread, and countersink to your desired dimensions and specification to fit your unique application.

No matter the size or quantity of the order, NNM Manufacturing works with our customers to provide timely and cost-effective CNC machining services. We have experience producing custom parts such as wheel disks and manway covers for customers in rail car manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and across a variety of other industries.

CNC and conventional machining capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Mitsubishi 3 axis CNC machine tool center with 28 ATC. 45 taper Cat V flange tool holder. 27″  X 60″ table.
  • Pratt and Whitney single spindle 3 axis CNC machine tool center. Switchable tape reader, absolute incremental programming. Linear and circular interpolations. Tool length and diameter compensations 29″ X 60″ work bed. 3500 lb. work capacity.
  • Giddings & Lewis turret vertical lathe; 32″ diameter table, 48″ swing, side tool holder, 48″ under the bridge.
  • Ikeda radial arm drill; 13″ column X 4′ arm; #5 MT.
  • Carlton radial arm drill: 11′ column X 4′ arm; #5 MT.
  • Tacci engine lathe series 41; 32″ swing; 20″ over bed; 20 HP, with digital readout.
  • HAAS VF-6 VERT. MACHINING CENTER HAAS Control Table Size 64” x 32”, X-Axis Travel 64”, Y-Axis Travel 32” Z-Axis Travel 30”, Main Motor 20 HP, Spindle Speeds 7,500 RPM, Tool Positions…24 ATC—(Side Mount), Spindle Taper……#-40

Complex Press Forming

With press capabilities of up to 1,500 tons, NNM Manufacturing offers metallic press forming services ranging from simple, single hit formed products to complex, progressive dies requiring multiple hits to achieve the desired profile. Our press capabilities have been utilized by customers across the automotive, construction, and other industries producing products like brake pads, brake pedals, siding, and more.

When you work with NNM Manufacturing, you also have access to our in-house die design team who has years of experience finding unique cost-saving solutions for our customers. Your previously welded or assembled parts and products might be able to be replicated using a single die, saving you money by eliminating the need for additional fabrication.

NNM Manufacturing specific press forming capabilities include drawing depths to 6″, blank thickness to 5/8″, and part dimensions to 70″ X 110″.

Our press forming capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Draw depths to 6″
  • Blank thickness to 5/8″
  • 1500 ton capacity
  • Part dimensions to 70″ X 110″
  • Low-cost steel rule dies for shorter runs
  • In-house tool room and die design
  • Assistance in material selection for formability

Mechanical Assembly & Welding

Though many products can be fabricated alone through presses, CNC, or roll bending, many metal fabrication projects will require additional assembly to create the finished product. NNM Manufacturing has mechanical assembly and welding capabilities to assemble your custom design, even if it requires coordinating with outside subcontractors or suppliers.

Whether it is a part of a larger process or a one-off project, you can trust NNM Manufacturing to provide any additional mechanical assembly that may be necessary to complete your project. Our AWS certified welding capabilities also allow us to safely and expertly handle your welding needs, be they large or small, with nested profile burning of 0.25″ to 3″ thickness and the ability to provide welding of dissimilar metals.

Our AWS certified welding capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Nested profile burning of 0.25″ to 3″ thickness
  • Hard facing
  • In-house design and building of fixtures
  • Hardwire pulse wave welding provides minimal clean-up
  • Aluminum and stainless welding
  • Welding of dissimilar metals
  • Certified Inspector/Welder on staff

Roll Bending

NNM Manufacturing offers roll bending services for steel and aluminum parts and products to fit the needs of any application. With extensive experience working alongside customers in automotive, water treatment, agriculture, and a vast range of additional industries, we are able to provide specialty tasks like bends and drilling to enhance your plate and meet your specifications.

Our roll bending process has produced products such as steel rings and wheels for water treatment facilities, track and tire rims, and washing machine tubs. Peterson Manufacturing specific roll bending capabilities include 5/8″ X 36″; 39″ maximum width, minimum roll diameter of 10″, and angle to 2″ X 2″ X 1/4″ leg out.

Our roll bending capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • 5/8″ X 36″; 39″ maximum width
  • Minimum roll diameter: 10″
  • Angle to 2″ X 2″ X1/4″ leg out

Tooling Design

More than just a supplier and manufacturer of custom metal fabricated products, NNM Manufacturing can help you build a more functional product. Our team can design the most appropriate manufacturing methods for your quantities, tolerances, and material. Whether you need drawings, a tooling proposal, piece-part prices, prototypes, or have special shipping requirements, we have professional, hands-on people to help you out.

Through our tooling design services, we have helped countless customers simplify their products and save money on fabrication by removing steps in the fabrication process and discovering more efficient ways of producing them, such as converting previously spun products to press-formed ones. We have helped save companies as much as 15% on production costs and can do the same for you.

Additional Services

In addition to our primary metal fabrication services and capabilities, NNM Manufacturing can also provide services in areas such as blanking, shearing, CNC thermal cutting, and painting of all of our custom products.

We service OEMs in a variety of industries such as material handling, heavy construction, railroad, agriculture, medical equipment, government contractors, and material handling equipment manufacturers. Some of our customers include names such as:

  • Airboss of America
  • Caterpillar
  • Union Tank
  • GKN Armstrong
  • BE Peterson
  • John Deere
  • Nissan Forklift
  • Snorkel Economy
  • Thrall Car

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