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We can help you engineer and build a more functional product. Peterson product design uses the most appropriate manufacturing methods for your quantities, tolerances, and material. Whether you need drawings, a tooling proposal, piece-part prices, prototypes, layout and installation, assistance or special shipping requirements, we have professional, hands-on people to help you out.


Safety is one of the reasons that we believe in making our products and parts built to last. We choose only the most reliable sources of metal for all of our product lines. Our philosophy in the way we make our product is that the customer expects to receive a product that will last for the long haul and not just the short-term quick fix. We comply with all engineering standards regarding all of our product lines. Our FAB-MASTER division uses a 2.4 safety point factor, which is a much greater safety protection than what most companies use with the RMI. The RMI suggests a 1.91 factor for frames and 1.65 factor for beams. Our engineers factor in operator mishaps that happen when suggesting the right design components in all of our products.

Quality Engineering

Throughout our production process, operators are inspecting critical features according to prescribed sampling plans to ensure that your critical dimensions are held. Equipment and tooling capabilities, fixtures, quality checks and gauges are all integrated in our control plan for your part. Quality is inherent to our manufacturing process and into the people that operate the machines.

Your Approval

is our bottom line. We design our product design process to satisfy your requirements, and we do what we say we will do.  Our people are hands-on career professionals, like you, committed to quality performance.  So put our experience to work for you, from the beginning, where it counts, right on up to shipping, where it still counts.

Total Outsource Management

  • Presses to 1500 tons
  • Welding operations
  • CNC thermal cutting
  • CNC & conventional machining
  • Pro/E, AutoCAD, Synthesis
  • Dedicated or flexible fixturing
  • Stainless, aluminum & mild steel
  • Roll bending
  • Cleaning & painting
  • Shearing to 1/2″ x 12

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