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FAB-MASTER racks have a higher safety factor than other standard racks because they have a heavier structural steel design that will not only last longer, but will hold your material more safely as well.

FAB-MASTER products serve a variety of industries including but notFAS-LOK Racks limited to: Steel Service Centers, Home Centers, Diecasters, Fabricators, Forging and Carpet Retailers and Mills.

Partial List of Customers:

  • Ulbrich
  • Chicago Tube & Iron
  • Metron Steel
  • Independent Metals
  • Lapham-Hickey Steel
  • First Metals
  • Precision Steel Warehouse
  • Fullerton Metals
  • Metals USA
  • Catepillar
  • Yarde Metals
  • Dupont
  • National Tube Supply
  • Cimarron Lumber & Supply
  • Watertight Technology
  • Home Depot, Inc.
  • Menards
  • Contractor's Warehouse
  • Grossman's Carpet Centers

.Choose a Rack Design that best fits your application:

FAB-MASTER is the solution for your heavy racking needs...

Forklift Impact Protection...Forklift
FAB-MASTER racks are constructed entirely of hot rolled steel, the same as used in large buildings and bridges. Structural steel rack columns are constructed of one piece of steel, full length, without splices to weaken the frame. Structural steel racks can withstand uneven loads at heavy capacities and unexpected impacts versus light gauge roll formed racks. Many light gauge roll formed racks will fail when the shape of the section is changed slightly by buckling or twisting due to being struck by a pallet or forklift truck.

Look at the picture of the roll formed channel next to the structural steel channel and you can see the difference in their shapes. Structural steel channel has 6 times the metal thickness on its sides and corners versus the roll formed channel. If you are working with heavy materials and equipment, your safety priorities will be satisfied with FAB-MASTER racks.

roll-formed channel structural steel channel

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