NNM Peterson Manufacturing Company


Half a century ago Walt Peterson had an idea that could help farmers and farm equipment manufacturers. He went to work and designed a fastening system for dual wheels. He built some, they worked, and from that simple beginning, Peterson Manufacturing was born.

Today, we make products and provide services for heavy manufacturers in a broad range of industries. We take our production capacity and skills and use them to extend our customers'. We can help you store heavy equipment and parts safely and with the best usage of space. We'll make whatever you need to move heavy parts safely and easily from one part of your plant to another. In short, we can be your partner in manufacturing, storing and displaying your equipment, parts and products.

At Peterson-Fabmaster, we're proud of our roots. Our founding was based on being eager for new ideas and then doing the work to make them pay off. At Peterson-Fabmaster we don't hide our differences and eccentricities, we're proud of them. We know ideas do not prosper when we all think alike. We are a group of people that like each other and like working together. We try and bring that atmosphere to our customers. We think you'll like us.